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QIA welcomes applications for admissions

As a fairly new school we are thriving and look forward to expanding our family. Please ensure applications are completed well in advance following these Procedures and Requirements:

Complete online application form

ECD Phase Gr 000 – Gr R
Learners will be accepted as per the appropriate age, availability of space and acceptance of all school policies.

All other Phases Grade 1 to 9
Learners will be required to write an entrance evaluation.
Foundation Phase: English/ Maths
Grades 4 -9: English/ Maths/ Afrikaans/ Islamiyaat – (Quran, Surahs, Duas)

Upload all required documents

You will be required to upload supporting documents. Please ensure that each file uploaded is less than 2mb and is in either PDF, JPG or PNG format.
Once submitted, you will receive feedback from us within 5 working days. Should you not hear from us, please contact the admin officer on extension 3 or via email:

Pay application fee per child

Application fee As Stipulated
Confirmation Deposit Fee ( a non-refundable deposit that is credited to the child’s fee account)

We will endeavor to provide feedback on the benchmark test as soon as possible. The result could be one of 3 outcomes: an offer of a seat, a place on the waiting list or a regret with an option to re-write.
The offer of a seat at the College is followed by an acceptance interview with the Principal / Management covering aspects related to the ethos, vision, mission, code of conduct, etc

School Fee Structure

Gr 000/00 Gr R Gr 1-7 Gr 8 -11 Gr 12
School Fees R16 500 R21 500 R33 500 R40 500 R41 250
Deposit / Re-registration fee
(Instalment 1)
R1 650 R2 150 R3 350 R4 050 R4 125
Early Payment
(Discounted at 2.5%)
R 14 437.50 R 18 812.50 R 29 312.50 R 35 437.50 R 36 093.75
Monthly (05 Jan – 05 Sept)
(Instalments 2 – 10)
R1 650 R2 150 R3 350 R4 050 R4 125

Please note that the monthly school fees are payable by the 5th of each month.
*The sibling discount is 2.5% applicable to the second child onwards. Early payment discount of 2.5% applies if paid by end of February of the academic year. 1 month notice must be given for transfer out.


FULL DAY R3999 pm
HALF DAY R1999 pm

No Discounts apply


Up to 2 hours R550 pm
Up to 4 hours R1199 pm

No Discounts apply