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Our Curriculum

As a faith based school our curriculum is underpinned by Islamic values. Our Islamiyah time allocation is not compromised and subjects are held during the course of the day. The programme is affiliated with the Jamiat board and together with a dedicated team of qualified Moulana’s and Aalimah’s we strive to give our learners a strong Islamic foundation which they are encouraged to build on in their daily lives. Our practical incorporation of these values are further instilled during the course of the day with daily Quraan recitation, salaah and other various observances.

The curriculum is broadly governed by the Department of Education CAPS Policy. Learners will write the National Senior Certificate Examination in Grade 12, being the public examination, which for successful candidates, results in the awarding of a school-leaving certificate.

The school is fortunate to always be fully staffed with qualified educators. We offer class sizes of around 25 learners per class, to ensure a better learning environment and individual attention. The aim of the school is to pursue a high standard of education and to extend pupils holistically. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive smartboard creating a stimulating environment for new exploration, thus allowing us to tap into various learning types.

Research Assignments and tasks are set within most subjects. Several subject departments may undertake day excursions to enhance understanding and knowledge of the subject. Learners participate in a various of Academic and Sporting inter-school competitions enabling our learners to flourish and expand their world through such interactions. We believe at QIA that healthy competition is a catalyst for learners to thrive and develop key life long character traits such as optimism, confidence and resilience.

The management of the academic programme is the responsibility of the Dean of Academics and the Head of the Islamic Studies department.
QIA aims at establishing academic excellence through innovative educational programmes via effective teaching methods adopted by our team of qualified Educators. In doing so, QIA aims to build student character based on Islamic values and principles.

Early Childhood Development

At this age our little learners are curious and eager to learn. We believe in nurturing young minds and fostering a love for learning by exploring their curiosity through positive engagement and play. At QIAwe aim to create a supportive and stimulating environment that encourages each child’s unique abilities and talents to flourish.

We strive to create a nurturing and inclusive community for your child, building a strong foundation in their readiness skills needed for their formative years. From our carefully crafted curriculum, that incorporates weekly themes and activities, to our interactive learning approaches that promotes gross and fine motor skills, we are dedicated to ensuring that your child receives the best possible start to their educational voyage.

Foundation Phase

Each day starts with a morning assembly that is made up of zikr and a short tarbiyaat. At this crucial phase in a child’s learning life, we engage with learners positively instilling the love for Quran as we introduce them to the beauty of its recitation. Our experienced educators work hard to equip each of our learners withfoundation skills in Literacy, Numeracy and Life Orientation. Great effort is also placed on growing the learners cognitive, emotional, social and physicalskills necessary for a happy and confident individual thus also equipping them with the skills required for future academic rigour.
Homework Policy
We believe that homework is an essential part of the learning process.
It reinforces classroom instruction, encourages independent study, and helps students develop valuable time management skills.
Homework operates as an instrument that requires continuous assessment. Educators will, on a daily basis, assign tasks for Students to complete within a specified time allocation.

Inter/Sen Phase

Rooted firmly in Islamic tradition and our responsibility to strive for knowledge, we work tirelessly to engage with our young learners. The days starts the same as the Foundation Phase with an inspiring morning assembly comprising of zikr that sets the tone for the day. Using various resource materials and technology our qualified educators cover both the islamiyaat and the caps curriculum. We cover contemporary topics from an early age through discussion and guest visitor talks. We aim to continue to develop in our learners a love for life and learning.

FET Phase

Our FET Phase continues in QIA’s traditions. The dedicated FET educators ensure that together with strong parental support and academic program, learners are adequately prepared for their final matric examination. We understand the importance of rightly guiding our learners towards their future and have partnered with organisations that aim to provide lifelong support on this journey. Our program provides learners with the correct set of tools that will assist them in understanding themselves and their personality strengths thus guiding them towards a successful career path together with access to a large number of job shadowing opportunities our learners will leave QIA prepared to tackle what the future holds for them with confidence and Imaan.


Hifz classes are offered to learners who fulfil certain criteria related to the quality of their recitation and memorisation. A separate application form needs to be completed.

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